Proposal of high efficient machining center with flexibility and productivity
Proposal of process design, fixtures, tooling and machining technologies
Proposal of workpiece transfer and peripheral equipment including washing machines

Machining system

  • Our machining systems can be used for any systems including small-scale and large-scale ones for automobile, construction machinery and agricultural machinery parts.
  • ransfer systems are broadly divided into manual transfer and automatic transfer. An optimum transfer system is selected according to workpiece sizes, weight, the number of machines and foot print.

Gantry loader

  • Machining center and gantry loader adaptable to a production line realize a space-saving line with an optimum work flow line.


  • We propose optimum robots such as fixed types and automotive types which can be used for any production systems including pre- and post-processes to meet various conditions of our customers including production equipment and attitude to workpiece setting.

Workpiece setting during machining

  • Workpiece setting methods which enable loading and unloading of workpiece during machining by installing a partition plate in the machining chamber with a single table.
  • A workpiece change can be carried out in a short time by rotating a table (B-axis), which realizes the productivity equivalent to the pallet changer.
  • Automatic workpiece loading and unloading (by, for example, a gantry loader or a robot) is also possible.

Pallet transfer system (MMC)

  • Our pallet transfer system is adaptable to a variety of production volumes and workpiece sizes to provide optimum automation to our customers.

※ MMC (Makino Machining Complex) is a system which can be used for various types of production ranging from small-scale to large-scale production based on the conventional system. MMC is composed of a combination of numerical control machining tool equipped with ATC (Automatic Tool Changer), APC (Automatic Pallet Changer), etc., transfer carriage moving on a rail, and computer system.

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